DOH: No human infection of H5N6 bird-flu virus in PH

The Department of Health (DOH) has pronounced on Friday the negative results of 34 samples cases of men and women from the provinces of Nueva Ecija and Pampanga who were suspected to have the symptoms of H5N6 bird flu virus.

DOH announced and clarified that there are still no confirmed cases of human infected with the bird flu virus in the country.

The suspected human cases were said to be on poultry farmers and workers, said Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial, as they showed similar symptoms of the bird-flu virus like cold, cough, headaches, and body pain.

“As mentioned 34 yung nagkaroon ng symptoms and were tested and they all tested negative for H5N6. As of August 24, yung lahat ng specimen na nakuha namin there are no human cases of avian influenza reported,” Ubial said.

The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine reaffirmed that the transmission of the bird-flu virus to humans is very low.

Meanwhile, DOH is continuously monitoring the said outbreak and even Secretary Ubial clarified, during the press briefing, that the consumption of chicken and eggs from the markets are safe.

Still, if they have come across suspected chickens and eggs having foul odor and different from the normal ones, it was advised to strictly avoid it at all cost.

“Anong smell? Hindi po siya nata-transmit and also through flies. Ang transmission niya is through respiratory growth so the secretions from the foul getting aerosolize or direct contact kung nahawakan nung handler and then nalagay sa mata,” she explained.

“Any flu-like symptoms we urged you and the public to report to the Regional Epidemiologist Surveillance Unit (RESU) of the DOH Regional Offices and seek immediate consultation to the nearest DOH medical hospitals and health centers,” she added. | Tina Joyce Laceda – PTV


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