Duterte turns down Trillanes’ dare to sign bank waiver

PRRD answers questions from the media after the wake visit to Cpt. Sandoval and PFC Canapi

President Rodrigo Duterte declined the challenge of Antonio Trillanes IV to sign a bank secrecy waiver, allowing the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to open his bank accounts.

“If he wants to get evidence, do not get it from my mouth. You must be stupid, even if it is true or false,” Duterte said on a press conference in Libingan ng mga Bayani.

“If Trillanes wants to find something of fault with me. Tell him, ‘Go somewhere else and fly a kite,’” he added.

He also pointed out that he already signed a waiver during the 2016 presidential election referring to the special power of attorney (SPA), letting Salvador Panelo get bank certifications that would show “at no time since the opening of the aforesaid Bank Account was there a deposit singly or collectively of P211 million.”

Moreover, Duterte explained that despite Trillanes signing waivers allowing AMLC to look into his alleged offshore accounts with Chinese nationals, the waivers remain useless since the accounts can only be opened if the co-signer agrees to it.

“He thinks that really people are ignorant. ‘Yung lahat ‘yang joint account niya, may partner siya na Chinese. So even if he signs a waiver, if the co-signer does not, walang mangyari niyan. And the bank would never, never name who is the partner,” Duterte said.

Meanwhile, the president said that he is building a case supporting his statement before he could reveal in public the documents on the alleged offshore accounts of Trillanes.

“Yes. We are building a case. Mahirap kasi. Bank Secrecy Law.”

He also added that Trillanes was involved in the abuse of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) during the administration of former president Benigno Aquino III. | Angelica Bobiles – PTV


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